Padid Avaran-e-Sarma  Company  has actively att ed in trade market with an experienced staff  and a quarter century of activity in importation of cooling systems and spare parts. After registering the  PAS trademark, it took action for exclusive distribution of the imported goods.      

Padid Avaran-e-Sarma  Company  always seeks the modern factories with up-to-date manufacturing technology in this industry aimed at providing the raw materials and parts. 

Our goal is to standardize and promote the quality level of the domestic manufacturing companies in cooling, refrigerating and home appliances industry (as the principal beneficiaries).

In this course,  Padid Avaran-e-Sarma  Company  successfully acquired the official agency of the most biggest world manufacturers concerning kinds of cooling gases, home and industrial compressors as well as electronic controllers. 

Other products of this company (PAS) are kinds of thermoregulator, digital thermometers and refrigerator-freezer fan engines.

Moreover, other activities of PAS is to design and manufacture the monitoring boards enjoying the technical consultation of the best factories overseas under the quality control of England Hi-Tech. Company.       

Now, we are proud to announce our readiness for presenting a basket of the very high quality goods, together with engineering consultation and after-sales services.

In order to protect the domestic production and long-term cooperation with the manufacturing factories, PAS int s to offer its sale prices with the minimum amount approved.  

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