Product Description:
STC – 200


    Suitable for all kinds of high temperature cold storage, direct cooling cabinet, water chiller, seafood machine and some small heating equipments etc.

. Mounting size 71(W)*29(H)(mm)

. Product size 77.0(W)*34.5(H)*65.5(D)(mm)

Technical parameters:

. Power supply: 220VAC±10%, 50/60HZ (12VAC/VDC, optional)

. Temperature measuring range: -40°C-+99°C

. Temperature controlling range: -40°C-+70°C

. Resolution: 1°C

. Accuracy: ±1°C

. Compressor output contact capacity: 7A/220VAC

. Sensor type: NTC, 2M

. Alarming buzzer or alarm relay

. Shell: Gray ABB flame retardant material

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